Global meditation is tomorrow!

I look forward to global meditations on December 12 since I first joined one in 2012. They are always special and beautiful and it is amazing knowing that in the same time (it goes live) thousands and thousands people are listening to the same voice and imagining same things… 🙂 ❤

I used to meditate quite often, when I was attending yoga. I loved visualization we learned at yoga classes. But I have lost that habit, and also the habit of breathing through my stomach – which is this awesome thing you learn with practicing yoga and it helps you to be more relaxed in everyday life. So, I love this opportunities from Master Shift to join again. 🙂

If you love trying something awesome and just wanna relax, do tune in! Two meditation will be held as every year, for west and eastern hemisphere lasting 25 minutes.

More info and exact time of the start of the meditation video can be found via my Facebook page; IVY MOSQUITO and The Master Shift



Listen to your heart,
When it’s calling for you
Listen to your heart.
There’s nothing else you can do…

I don’t know where you going and I don’t know why
But listen to your heart…


Hey! This song is in my head since I woke up. Listen to yourself, if you do you will always get an honest answer. That is probably the reason we don’t listen but rather ignore, because there are some answers we don’t wanna hear.

Stay well, hi from semi-cloudy but still warm capital. ❤


War in Croatia – I got provoked to write

I was in my happy place but then I stumbled upon the blog I will not provide more promotion since it already has much more than its quality, in my humble Croatian opinion.


I am not a member of any party, the fact I can’t tell for sure for the writer of this blog. How can someone who lives in another part of the world find out the truth when what he/she is reading is biased opinion on the matter carefully put into a lot of actual facts? So that only a person who IS Croatian and has experienced, read, heard and learned about the War in Croatia that lasted from 1991-1995. can tell?

War is no fun. It is terrible, it leaves scars, it leaves devastations for years and years and years and the suffering continues through people who lost someone, through people who lost themselves. It is a matter that needs to be treated very carefully. Because of its high emotions I can honestly say that we can make a bits and pieces of it. WE CAN NOT MAKE A WHOLE PUZZLE BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TRUTH.

The blog itself devastated me so much for one reason. Not for the information provided, because, I say again, most of them are on spot. It devastated me because it treats Croatia and Croatians as victims. I refuse to be a victim. My friends, my family, my neighbours refuse to be called victims! Croatia did suffer because of Serbian aggression and that need to be written in the history, but people need to move on. They need to get on with their lives. They need to be happy. They need to see positivity. That must be provided.

And with constantly bringing up war it is just harder. It is not helping anyone. As in many countries in war right now, people need to heal as much as they need the peace. When the peace comes, what does it mean if there is NO PEACE INSIDE?

I needed to write this. I have been fighting this “informations” all my life. My close friend has a father who was in the front lines, my college colleague lost her father in war. My sisters godmother and now my godchild have been evicted from their home and their house was doomed to be burnt to the ground as the others, but thankfully the fire didn’t catch. We visited when they moved back years later and we were eating next to a huge black hole in the center of a house. My cousins were literary running from the grenades. I was lucky to be in the “safe” place so I had to run for shelter and listen to the sirens and bombarding “only” few times. My sister was so small that we had to bring her in warm blanket to shelter so she wouldn’t get cold and cry. I was there! I know what I’m talking about. I am living here, I feel on my skin every decision my government makes, I am shocked by the dimension of never-ending corruption and nepotism…

But I also see people around me have become smarter. They no longer “buy” what is being sold to them. I am so proud! Smart people, smart young people around me recognising the situation and building their lives as being themselves, not “the generation who was in the war”. That is harder for our parents, they know much more. But, they too are starting to let it go. There is a saying; “Don’t forget?” How could you possibly fucking forget it?!!

Healing is needed. No hate. I do not hate Serbian people. I dislike the ones that were the aggressor, as I do for any side in the world. I hate violence! Maybe if I lost someone in the war, I would feel differently. But I see my friends. I see people around me. No one needs to rub their wounds. The wounds need to heal.

Looking for inspiration? I inspire you today!

I wanted to do a video-marathon today of some of the videos I have watched recently. Thank you Spiritbath and thank you internet. There are good, kind and amazing people on this planet we call our own, and they (we) are trying to make a positive change and think with their own head. I love it! I hope you will find something for you… 🙂

I want to inspire you, make you happy, make you smile and just boost your mood. I hope I can. 😀 I chose famous Charlie Chaplin’s speech for featured video because it is the king and queen of inspiration. It is the main thought of what the people on other videos are showing and trying to achieve.


Take a seat, make a friend!

Parking ticket prank:

Giving 100$ to homeless people:

Lonely boy 😉

The power of gratitude:

Deaf girl hearing her voice for the first time 🙂

Baby in the rain for the first time 😀

Aand awesome people dancing 😀

I hope you enjoyed!

Meditation for the entire planet, all is ONE :)

I thought I was late… It turns out I am not. 😀 I joined in The master shift meditation early this year but missed the meditation for my hemisphere (east). But! I calculated the time zones and even tho I didn’t catch the first meditation (these are done twice, one time for each hemisphere) I will catch the second in about an hour… Weeee :mrgreen:

This project caught my interest last year when I discovered it on Facebook and join the universal meditation. It was truly incredible experience, knowing that in that very moment, hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of people are doing absolutely the same… Amazing. I got the sense of whole and many small dots representing humans creating big impact through love and peaceful energy.

So, I am waiting till 9:30 PM local time in New York which will be 3:30 AM here in Croatia, but I am not too tired. 😉

Enjoy… You can of course listen this when ever you want to, it is just more special to do it with others because of that sense that you are all listening to the same voice at the same moment and doing the same things and thinking about same thoughts as if we are one. 🙂 Lovely!

The last year meditation is HERE.