Thirsty for love.

(Picture people rushing in a crowded street)

She is in denial.

Running running running.

No silence. Please.

Can’t stand to think about it.


(Picture engraved black letters on a tombstone overgrown with weed)

Self hate.

So strong.

Engraved. Accepted. 



(Picture an old well.)

Sadness as its own purpose.


It physically hurts.

She is confused.

Thirsty for love.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Perfect Shots.”

That was three shots, but I have the fourth.

(Picture woman standing in light, light goes from inside her and outside, it surrounds her.)

The wall has collapsed.

And she liberated herself.

She found a well.

She is not as thirsty anymore. ❤

Shut down the noise

Never before was I aware how much noise affects me than now. It has a really big impact of how I feel and on my health. I get distracted and stressed out, now I notice it and I know from what it is. DP; Overload Alert

Block the noise

Shush it down

Turn off the TV

Nothing smart is never on

Shush them all up

They speak just to hear their voices

Silence the traffic

If you can’t block it

The music will stop it

Put on the earphones

Even on mute

Life is better

When I shush the noise.

What if?

What if it was sunny

So sunny you squeeze your eyes to see outside

What if it was warm

Late summer breeze would make me smile

What if I was happy

With today and everything it brings

What if knowing was enough

And I wouldn’t have to walk this storms


Today Is A Wonderful Day!!! ❤

My friend Barbara has 6 hours ago, at 10 in the morning gave birth to a healthy baby girl Laura!! ❤

I am so happy, I’ve been up through the night as she was all night in the hospital, but got sleepy and missed the news. Since she is in another city kilometers away from me, this is my way of saying; I LOVE YOU GIRL, I AM PROUD OF YOU AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABY!! ❤ 🙂

I needed to this now and I apologize I don’t have time to answer your comments… I will!

This is the poem I wanted to publish when little Laura comes to the world, with a photo Barbara drew for it, not knowing that I will do this… 😉

The poem was inspired by another close friend of mine, Marija. Marija, you are the pearl, I cherish you as my friend so very much! ❤


The pearl in the shell

We are the puppets
In the hands of Life
Swinging us from left to right
Waving our hands to east and west
Pulling the strings from our chests

One moment we’re up
Up in the clouds,
On top of a mountain
Flying above

In the next we are drowning
Catching the air
Trying so hard
To just be there

But, there is one place Life can’t
One place deep within
Our soul

It is the pearl in the shell in the sea
The pearl only chosen ones get to see

Life can try to touch the pearl
But the shell is not weak, not anymore
I made it stronger
Than ever before

The pearl inside will be safe
And sound
It will shine so bright
Straight from the ground

The shell is here to protect the light
Not to hide it or make it stop

Look above, among the stars
Light so bright… all the world pause
Life takes a bow to the pearl inside
The pearl that is me.

We all are.



Calm Sunday


Sunday why they call you bloody?

I think you’re calm and quiet…


You do know that it is June already?

I want my fix of sunlight,

To feel that summer is on its way steady.

I will close my eyes and imagine it for you

The warmth, the breeze,

the smell of the sea…

The moment when the sun touches the horizon

and paint the sky into shades of beautiful.

The second I start feeling the freshness of the night

The second I drift off in a sweet delight

So tell the weather we were loving the rain

But we want to enjoy in the sun again…

Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 9 …………

We should do something fun today!

First: try to kiss your elbow. You can’t Ha-ha! 😀

Open the book that is nearest to you on page 45 and write the third sentence on the right page.

Write the first thing that comes on your mind in Google and post the result. – That should be fun

Watch the “Jimmy Fallon Hashtag #Worst Advice” on YouTube. That is from me to you. 😀

Big thank you to all of you who participated so far, I’m loving your entries and comments… ♥

From today I leave you to be…

The main theme is here,

And it’s the birthday of Me.

So feel free to join however you like,

Through a post, a comment or a like.

When the 14th of March knocks on the door

I will be one year older once more

But not to worry because I love my path

My journey, my blog, my loved ones, my craft.

I am wiser than I used to be,

Now I try to see the forest and not just one tree.

My wishes are of life I hope to see,

Past is in the past where it should be.

I will swim and surf and ski

Not letting the situation comes over ME

But when I do need a helping hand

I won’t hesitate to show my feet are in the quick sand

I will put my hand up and ask for you,

Hugs, love and positivity will get me through.

So, join in my celebration of Me

With your own stories show that this community are We. 🙂

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Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 2

First of all… it’s Sunday. That means, whether you are working or not, rest. Plenty of rest. Just laziness in general. I approve that.


We have a challenge to do. 😀 And there has been a big change. I have a main theme: BIRTHDAY, and all of this Daily clues are just that, clues you can use for your interpretation. 🙂

I would like you to make up a birthday story.
You have few clues to help you: water, Spiderman, a ring. Bonus clue: cheese. 

Get ready… set… go!

Feel free to use them but if you don’t want to, that’s fine. It can also be poetry. And it can be any genre you choose. Even erotica! *wink wink* Just make sure you link it back to me or leave a comment and tag it with Iva’s ABC

I leave you with the one…and only… Norah. 🙂