My own private beach ❤

“You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?”

My tunnel is short and I go through it fast, even though the destination is at the other part of the world. Bahamas, Hawaii, Ibiza, Santorini, Canary islands…I don’t care.

When I get out of my tunnel first thing I see is blinding light of sun. First few seconds that is all I see. Then my eyes get adjusted and the next thing I see is blue. Blue paradise. Blue sky, blue water, green palms, beige sand, silver rocks sparkling on the sun… Waves bringing the smell of salty sea to me. I close my eyes and just listen. Birds, waves, palm leaves… I hear everything. Around the beach – lush vegetation. Threes that I know no names of… Birds that I know no names of… But that’s ok, my view is directed up front anyway. I’m walking towards the sea. Taking off my shoes as I get closer and just walking in the cold sea without thinking. A shock. But, I don’t mind. I look at my feet and wiggle my toes a bit, just to see them falling into the sand. 

I close my eyes. It’s hot. My feet are getting used to the temperature of the sea. Just few more minutes and I’m gonna be looking at the blue horizontal line dividing water and sky, swimming away….

Silhouette of Summer


I have captured this photo in summer 2011., with my old digital camera. 🙂

It is all that is summer for me; sea, sun, sunset on the beach, fun…. I am happy I captured this moment and in the spirit of older times I didn’t touch it in any editor (except putting my blog name on).

For WPC.

Beep beep boop

Does it say “beep beep boop” to you too when you start a new post?

These recent changes in WP are so weird, if I’m in the serious mood and about to rant about something, beginning with those words make me feel silly. 😀

I am mixture of emotions. Kinda mad, kinda frustrated, just a little bit sad and probably a little bit happy…. Weird shitz is going on. In Zagreb, the summer weather is non-existent. It is cloudy, raining, cold and windy. I do not like this joke. 😦

I want sun.


Summer is my favorite season and now it is letting me and everyone here down. People have planned vacations but the sea is cold from the rain and wind. I am indoors most of the year, so please, universe, SEND SOME SUMMER WEATHER… Pretty please.

I don’t feel inspired. I don’t feel like finishing my dress. I don’t feel like blogging. – that’s the part making me sad. :/

While I can’t get the Vitamin Sea, I want SUN and Vitamin D.


Daily Prompt asked about people we accidentally catch in our photos, and to make a story about them. No! What? I really don’t like having other people in my photos, it’s not their fault they are in my way… I don’t shoot portraits, if someone happens to end up on my photo I make sure their face is not recognizable, that they are far away or turned away from camera. I don’t know, I think everyone has the right to privacy and anonymity, if not chosen differently. Imagine that I end up in someone’s photo and that person is posting me on WordPress, making story about me. I dislike it.

Weekly Photo Challenge | Reflection and Perspective Mashup


For This week’s challenge Reflection I also had an entry created for the challenge Perspective, so lets have fun!

I had a lot of fun with perspective theme. they should have made it monthly 😦
Week passed too fast. Was it last week? Or week before that?
I don’t know, I was busy with…you know, life. 😀 And Iva’s ABC… I mean, that was super important. 😉

Aaaaaanyhow. I managed to do what I wanted today. So, join me!

See the photo above? Beach, shell… Nice, right?

Except it’s not! Haha!
It is this:


Ok… Moving on… More fun awaits. 😀

Fun little gathering of teddy bears and stuffed animals? Yeah, they look so fluffy… (Do not count how many fluffy animals I own, and no, they are not only mine.)



We have an intruder!

Big teddy, making its camouflage with smaller animals... ;)
Big teddy, making its camouflage with smaller animals… 😉

Ok, you are probably getting good at this. So lets spice it up a bit.
Awwww… So nice. The sea at night and boats are in the harbour. Lucky me for being there.



I was not!


It is a postcard!
It is a postcard!

And what is in the featured photo?
I’m gonna let you guess… And then post the answer. Because that’s how I roll. 😎

Sweet taste of salt on my skin

My mind is at peace. Well, mostly. 🙂 I got to be at and swimm in Adriatic sea… 😎


I hoped and it came true. May the odds ever be in your favor. 😉






(Photos have been taken with mobile phone, non-filtered or in any way corected in Photoshop or similar tool. I didn’t feel the need to put my name or copyright sign, but I would appreciate if you would give me credit if you decide to use them. Thank you.)

p.s. What do you think of my new living room color combination? 🙂