All lights on | Weekly Photo Challenge

All lights on | Weekly Photo Challenge

I have no idea how I got to photograph all three lights at the same time. I was aiming for the moon in the background. I love this win-win situations.

Also it is time to reveal Last week’s question. What was it?

Bmagpub was right. A sink fill with colored water and a wooden necklace over. 😉


For this week’s challenge: Street life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition | The eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition | The eyes

Street lights usually interfere with my desire to capture sky/clouds/sunset because I don’t live high enough to leave them behind. (Or should I say below)

It is a frustration because it is not the same if I took my camera and run across the street, or try to get a good shot, because the shot I wanted is gone.

So I love this photo. It is like it is. The innocent street light is getting in my way again and like it knows it shows its evil eyes in dark. 🙂

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