A golden kid (key?)

This Daily Prompt is so weird because I had a vision of a golden key. Not the kind of vision when you see something and you realise you have superpowers, but the kind of  vision when you do a meditation and are asked to imagine this and that and later asked how did the stuff look like. For fun and games, and for analyzing your answers. That kind of vision.

I saw a gold key. Big, old, decorated. Like from a time long ago. I said, “It looks like it opens a big door.”

So, important key. Funny thing was that in this meditation/game, key represented future children or child. 😀 My kiddo, if I decide to have one, will be golden.


Speaking of kids, my friends have them. Ok, they have one, but still. Two different couples. I was writing about baby Laura the day she was born and the day I opened my Facebook page which is still under construction and soon to be like I like it. Get prepared to be reminded about it, I post videos and photos there, not just posts.

Laura is super cute big cheeks ball of awwwww. She is 2 and a half months old and already showing a personality. I made DIY stuff for her and tutorial will be here. Pinky promise.


Aaanyway, about kids. I know that every mother gets judged (why is that btw?) but I wonder what is the “most right” way to raise a kid? I am all up for discipline but I think yelling at a kid when he/she hasn’t done anything wrong and threatening the kid with things they don’t like if they don’t do something is just plain mean. Honestly, it makes me physically sick in my stomach. Also, saying stuff like “I don’t like you” when a kid asks if the parent can stay with them until they fall asleep. I had to control myself not to speak up. What do you think? Am I too idealistic and people just don’t have enough energy or they have bad days and frustrating days and they just can’t deal with the kid? What do you think about this “methods”? I think I will get into a fight with her and him next time I see them practicing this nonsense on a three year old. 😡

p.s. If you have no “eclectic” relatives, does that means you’re it? XD

p.p.s. WP is messing with this post and me, grrrrr. I hope it is now showing.

Early morning she wakes up…


This is my cat Kiki and today, by the special superpower from Daily Post (as if!) I get to tell her something she will understand.

“Stop being so scared. It’s four of us in the house. Every day. That object you have seen 10 times…it’s still the same object. We are not plotting to kill you in your sleep.” 😀

“Oh yeah, waking me up in 5 am… not cool Kiki, not cool.”

She looks like she is really trying to understand me in this photo haha, you think she gets it? 😉

p.s. Again the song inspiration for the title. :mrgreen:

Daily Prompt: A Bird, a Plane, You! | No difference between us

Daily Prompt: A Bird, a Plane, You! | No difference between us

So, daily prompt asked me:

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

– the ability to speak and understand any language
– the ability to travel through time
– the ability to make any two people agree with each other

From that I choose the last one. Specially now, when here in Croatia we have some serious discrimination going on that can be in theory next week put into our constitution. Hate is turned on gay people, LGBT community for no apparent reason than distraction from very difficult financial circumstances we are in from the world crisis. And no one “deserves” to be discriminated just because he/she is born different, white, black, asian, gay, straight, with blue eyes, with brown eyes…

My wish right now is to sit those ignorant people starting this mess and make them understand how un-Godly is that what they do. I want to sit gay people who did nothing on the other side and made the ignorance flew away from the room. I want to do the same with world leaders, to understand that WE ARE ALL HUMAN and end this nonsense of war between human and human because other humans said so.

That is my choice right now. But, the one power we forget about often and is simply the greatest power of all is the one I choose. LOVE.

I give you beautiful poem written by sister blogger Shetall:

“The power is within me

If I look inside me

I can find various things

Those which can astound me

The power is within me

If I deeply engross myself in me

I find solutions to my problems

Like a puzzled solved gifting me diamonds

The power is within me

If only I learn to love and ignore the bluffs

I will find the power in me”

The featured photos are screenshots of Katy Perry lyric video for “Unconditionally“.