Whoa! My second blogoversary!

I am having huuge problems with my laptop, both with hardware AND internet. Kinda like in offine life also at the moment 😀 :/ ❓ ❗ ⭐ …so have some minions singing “happy birthday” in their unique way. 🙂

This platform means a lot to me and I say, in Swarzenegger’s voice:

I’ll be back.

Nature is my medicine


I have this WP app on my phone almost since I opened my blog and it has been awesome to write my drafts when I’m not around computer, but in the last weeks my mobile became the only screen I can look at. I am getting more into it to see what I can do… It is not the same of course, I can’t post some of the stuff that I had in mind, and I can’t put my logo on the photos, or tags and categories – I think, but it’ll make my blog blues dissapear 🙂

Remember how I was sad about summer not being sunny and warm? We are having some late warm and sunny weather here and it is beautiful, I am really enjoying in it hehe, even if it’s from my bed.

I have so much ideas to share with you, from my ponderings, photographs I made, interior design DIY’s, even fashion stuff and ootd (“outfit of the day”), projects that require more energy and are waiting for me in my folders… Oh yes, I have made a peach pie that I can’t wait to share recipe for, and something I won’t give away because it was so new for me… Now you can see why I can’t wait to be back and editing, but I will take all the time I need and explore this app more. 😉


I am getting all your comments-love and it makes me smile seeing all those dear names 🙂

The day we fight back!


Although technically it is no longer February 11th (it’s 1 am here) this cause is worthy of my attention and involvement! I hope yours too. 😉

We blog and write and share pictures, and we have Facebook with more pictures, and check-ins, Twitter with “write what you had for lunch under so and so caracters”, YouTube, G+, Gmail… Now G+ is trying to infiltrate into YouTube accounts asking for more and more and more information. What do I prefer? Did I like that video? And then YouTube ASKS me: “Why don’t you want to use your full name as your account name?” Whaaat?! I have to justify my decision of protecting my privacy – which is poorly protected to begin with by the same platforms I described. Sometimes it is like our whole life is online. The thought of someone using information about me, how I look, where I go, with who I spend my time for their agenda is creepy.

Sharing our experience here in our blogging community is a personal thing to me. I know, they say: “What you don’t want to see anywhere else do not post online.” Yes, but can I do that? Is that possible? When everywhere I want to log in I have to provide my sex, my date, month and year of birth, my e-mail and sometimes even my mobile phone and picture. Really? Do you want a blood sample also? So, to function in this online, wi-fi, buzzing society we HAVE to give information. Private information. And that is not to be played with, and that is not to be manipulated with.

We have enough problem already deciding what goes “on” and what doesn’t, having sites like Facebook giving us suggestions of “what we might like”, we don’t need to have the spying eye over us. Or we could be shopping something on e-bay and it will go, you liked this, you bought this, you are organising a protest, you are making a bomb! I thought of a funny scene in a movie Yes Man stared by Jim Carrey when he starts buying different stuff online and learning languages because his moto is “saying yes” just to be accused of being a terrorist. I wish I can find that clip… 😀

Bird is not free if she is free inside her cage. 

Want to get involved? Here is more info: thedaywefightback.org

And here is the WordPress info and banner.

Blogging as a job?

Hello! What’s up?

*Warning: Sarcasm and offensive word ahead.* You have been warned.

Since I decided that challenge “Zero to Hero” isn’t my cup of tea I wrote something similar on the forum thread and got a very serious note from another blogger – I think admin. Is there admin on WordPress? Anyhow, she warned me that my tagline is to long and that “Taglines are not blog descriptions. Blog descriptions can be placed on your About page. See here for what I do with mine.” Yes, boss. Is there bosses on WordPress?

Sarcasm aside, I clicked to see what this kind women has suggested for me, as I have total lack of leading my blog to the Mt. Everest. Sorry, I am not being able to put sarcasm aside.


And I found well…. what I thought.

So you want to be a blogger, do you? Blogging over the long-term takes: Passion, Purpose, Productivity, People Skills, Planning and Persistence. Many bloggers don’t have what it takes…


Should i start biting my nails? Ok, let’s go further.

“My advice is: keep it simple! Aim for brevity and clarity and include only the minimum number of relevant keywords that accurately describe what the purpose of the blog is.”

Ok, that sounds reasonable. But again, WHO ARE YOU?? I mean… WHAAAT? No disrespect, but….. Pst… It’s a blog. On a free platform. A blog. BLOG. My blog. I do what the fuck I want with it. I choose WordPress because it looked nicer then other two blogging platform in my country. As simple as that. I have no strong feelings for WordPress, sorry if that offends you. 😀 I like it, we’re friends. It let’s me post, it let’s me read and like other blogs, it has nice challenges…

So, in conclusion, let’s go to the second link she gave me (Yap, there’s a second link.)


Who are your readers? Everyone with a computer and internet connection.
What do you provide your readers with? Fucking everything. They can see categories.
What action(s) are you trying to evoke in your readers? Uhmmmm… jumping of joy?
How does your blog differ from competing blogs? I have no fucking idea. I’m not in a competition.

Seriously… My readers, as I say frequently, I love you guys. I felt the need to express myself over this. I have nothing else to say except posting ten more other photos of “Whaaaat?” …. Of course, more DIY projects coming soon and amazing amateur photography (Hopefully it will snow :fingers crossed:) and you know… Stuff I post. I will inspire the spine out of you this year. 😀

p.s. I did not mean to offend anyone who is trying to improve their blog through tips, or make money out of it. 😉


Update: 29.01.

I was in a very bad mood the day I wrote this, frustrated. Most of the things I wrote I still think but I did change my tagline because I wanted to. It was really to long. And I wanted to update the questions. 🙂

Who are your readers? Everyone who is interested.
What do you provide your readers with? Amateur but passionate photography, crafts, ideas, amazing projects… Everything that inspires and touches me, I like to share here.
What action(s) are you trying to evoke in your readers? Inspire. I want to inspire people. 
How does your blog differ from competing blogs? This answer stays the same. 😉

New look with new background

I am really creative, right-minded, left-handed person so that means that I absolutely love music, art, languages etc. and absolutely hate math, chemistry, physics… 😀 Anything with numbers is generally a load on my brain, including web design and anything related. I just get REALLY bored easily, so this is actually awesome that I manage to understand how-to AND make a different background even if only for the holidays…

Stay well, love.