Ay, it’s SUNDAY! :) TFGSC – Day 22

This song brings so many good memories 😀

WC in Brasil is so on here, every third person has something on red-white blocks… And every tenth car has flags on sides. 😀

I live in a very driven mentality. That is something I can give out to us. Croatians are driven. In whatever might be the subject. So when it comes to sports… No neutral for us. We are either furiously mad, veeery sad or euphoric.

I have grown up next to a person (dad) who is obsessed with sport. But football (yes, football USA) is on another scale up from all the other sports. We do not watch games. WE LIVE THEM. 😉 That’s how it was, and still is… I was always more comfortable in a mostly male crew, so in teen years I was hanging out with my best friend (female) and three guys. We would HAVE TO watch the matches with them (but we didn’t really mind), football was a big theme of conversation. That knowledge got me a job in sport section for a while when I was in college.

I have so maaaany memories from football games I have watched, but my heart will always go for tennis and Croatia winning the Davis Cup in 2005. I almost broke the bottles in my hands and lost my voice from screaming.

No, I am absolutely not passionate about cheering. 😉

The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 12 *World Cup pt.1*

Since today is the start of Word Cup in Brasil, this is a perfect choice and I’ve been waiting the 12th to put it on… And today, first match; my country Croatia vs. Brasil. 🙂

My fingers itch to write about situation in Brasil and how the people are calling for the world to “not come to the World Cup” because there is so many poor and starving, constant riots and people of Brasil demanding their rights… I even saw an illustration of a kid (Brazilian) who is crying because on his plate is not food – but football.

My heart really does go out to all of the Brazilians, and I wish when they couldn’t do anything about preventing the Word Cup to take place here, to use this opportunity to show to world their struggles and use the spotlight to make the people who are important to see the reality. ❤

So then, everyone can be as happy as the people in this music video and calling for unity wouldn’t be utopia. 🙂