Happy Birthday Sis’!! ☺☺☺☺ | The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 30

It is the last day of my Feel-good Songs Challenge AND I knew it would fall on my younger and only sister 21st B-day. πŸ™‚

So, this is a song just for her.

Sretan roΔ‘endan Martina! πŸ™‚


You can’t hold me down! | TFGSC – Day 29

This master piece of music and video production HAD to be on my Feel-good Songs Challenge…


You know Macklemore? The guy who made the hit “Thrift Shop” and amazing song “Same Love” speaking about prejudices against homosexuality in hip hop (not common!).

Well, he and Ryan Lewis are also a genius mix. This video and song are the proof. Some say he is another Eminem, which is really racist thing to say, everyone will jump on their toes if someone made that remark about two singers/rappers just because of their skin color. :/ I love Eminem, of course, but they have very different styles and priorities.

I hope for both Macklemore and Ryan many, many more years of changing the world and what society thinks hip hop is… ❀


I put my hands up! Like the ceiling can’t hold me… πŸ™‚

“Raise those hands this is our party!

We came here to live like nobody was watching…”

My Love | The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 28

Baaaah! Two more days of this challenge of mine! I can’t say that I don’t enjoy in music and blog and everything they do when combined, but I love my freedom, what can I do? I love posting when I want to not because I have to. πŸ™‚

Where and when I post? All I need really is a laptop and a wifi. πŸ˜€ I get ideas any time of the day/night. I ponder over them and think how it would look and what kind of medium I am going to put, if I’m going to share on social networks… My posts happen in my head. When it gets to the point that I am writing them, they are 90% already worked out. That of course, does not apply to the Daily Prompts, but for everything else – yes.

Today, June 28, I bring you the song I listened to probably over thousand times, no kidding. It is “My Love” of Justin Timberlake. I like his new songs like “Mirrors” and “Suit and Tie”, but I have a special relationship with this song… It was the “Golden Age” of his music when he cooperated with Timbaland (I made the Golden Age up just now). You ask why? I say;

Timberlake + Timbaland = Magic

What other could happen when a top class producer and top class musician work together?

I like the song, the beat, the lyrics, the choreography, the vibe… I like it even now, 8 years from its original publishing.

Enjoy, the goosebumps start at 1:34 πŸ˜‰

Tell me quando, quando, quando… | TFGSC – Day 25

Ahhhhh… Michael Buble.

Double ahhhhhh… Laura Pausini. I just found out Nelly Furtado sings this. Well. Okidokey. πŸ™‚ It still doesn’t change that:

Michael and Laura together – heaven for my ears. Proof is here; You Will Never Find

I am really looking forward a concert in November hihihihihi… Imagine if Laura Pausini comes! Weeee…

I am enjoying the holiday here and just chillaxin’…

“Tell me when you will be mine…”

Would you relive the past week? TFGSC – Day 24

I think this will be the shortest Daily Prompt ever. NO.



Ok, I have to elaborate… πŸ™‚
When I read todays Prompt, I was surprised. Why? Because just last night I asked out of nowhere while we were watching the Croatia:Mexico game, “Would you go in future to find out the score if you could?” Sis straight up tells no, I tell no, dad is contemplating and says yes. Sis is moving the question on another level;
“Why would ask something like that if you wouldn’t do it and it is not possible?”
“I don’t know. Because I can?”

And we go back to game. We lost btw. And I really wouldn’t want to know that…

Past is in the past. Maybe if something so awesome happened I would relive it. But I’m not sure about that either, because that authentic reaction I would have on something awesome would not be as joyful the second time. If we are talking about changing the past if something unpleasant or sad happened… Well, we have all seen the movies about going back to past and changing things messed up the present and future. πŸ˜‰

About the song… Eurovision flashback! πŸ˜€
Plus I really love Emmelie’s song Rainmaker, it puts me in good mood. That’s it folks for todays Feel-good Songs Challenge.

Love ya!

NoΔ‡na ptica (A night bird) | TFGSC – Day 23

We have an expression for someone who likes the night better than day – Night bird, or Bird of the night. I am a night bird, definitely.

I love doing everything I can at night… Watching movies, series, surfing online, washing dishes, washing clothes, writing blog, contemplating about ideas for blog and in general… Everything. I go from “Oh no.” in the morning to more and more alive person as the evening approaches. πŸ˜€






This is THE perfect gif because I have included Bey in my Feel-good Songs Challenge for today.

I like her music sometimes more, sometimes less, but she is an incredible performer I will give that credit to her any day… Amazing! She was here in Croatia two times I think, but prices of tickets were spicyyyy. So, I think… She was here, she’ll be back. It would be nice to see her perform. Plus, I know probably 99% of her songs so singing along wouldn’t be any problem. πŸ˜‰

Ay, it’s SUNDAY! :) TFGSC – Day 22

This song brings so many good memories πŸ˜€

WC in Brasil is so on here, every third person has something on red-white blocks… And every tenth car has flags on sides. πŸ˜€

I live in a very driven mentality. That is something I can give out to us. Croatians are driven. In whatever might be the subject. So when it comes to sports… No neutral for us. We are either furiously mad, veeery sad or euphoric.

I have grown up next to a person (dad) who is obsessed with sport. But football (yes, football USA) is on another scale up from all the other sports. We do not watch games. WE LIVE THEM. πŸ˜‰ That’s how it was, and still is… I was always more comfortable in a mostly male crew, so in teen years I was hanging out with my best friend (female) and three guys. We would HAVE TO watch the matches with them (but we didn’t really mind), football was a big theme of conversation. That knowledge got me a job in sport section for a while when I was in college.

I have so maaaany memories from football games I have watched, but my heart will always go for tennis and Croatia winning the Davis Cup in 2005. I almost broke the bottles in my hands and lost my voice from screaming.

No, I am absolutely not passionate about cheering. πŸ˜‰

I’m so Fansyyyyy :) | The Feel-good SC – Day 21

Yeahhhhh πŸ˜€

Felling better. My girl Iggy is something. You maybe heard her songs, but you haven’t heard her story fo’ sure. She wanted to succeeded in hip hop industry, but she was poor and living far away from what she saw as the place she can make her dreams come true, collecting money to go to US. When she was only 16 she took all her money and went to Florida to follow her dreams… She did a lot of crappy jobs to score a record deal, and when she did they told her to “dumb her lyrics down”. Luckily, she manage to get rid of them, but still, people who have the money to finance her records and videos tell her to “simplify her songs”. Bleh. :/

I can’t wait the time when she will be able to truly express herself with lyrics, considering that her role model is 2pac. Even now, she has managed to make it work, mixing “catchy” with real talk…

Plus, she makes amazing tribute to the movie Clueless from 1995 in this video. πŸ™‚


TFGSC – Day 20 | Lindsey again

Yeah I am too lazy to spell the full name of The Feel-good Songs Challenge. Sue me. πŸ˜›

Another post about Lindsey, I admire her work and positivity and I think this is the only song I could hear today and not hate. So…. Yap.

I posted about her:

The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 19

If you haven’t heard of Jon Lajoie… Well, what? If you like parodies, spoofs, humor and laughing in general, you should definitely check him out…

I follow him since 2008., man that’s a long time… One of my favorites is also among the first songs he recorded, but since I said I will stay in recent years, I featured Started as a Baby from last year. πŸ™‚ But that doesn’t mean I can’t still put it here.

So, there it is… Everyday Normal Guy. πŸ˜€