In which of my ears does it ring?

Do you have a saying like this one? We do.

And it is a common courtesy to answer, whether this question came from a family member or your boss. It is something very natural to do, and everyone gets involved. Whew… I wish everyone would get involved with some other things like on this one.

I have in store something beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing! 🙂 Hint… It is a promise and I have to do it because it starts to haunt me and you will have something to look at. There. 😛

So, in which of my ears does it ring? (It really does)


Plus, vote for the turtle. YES, we are still doing that 😀

15 thoughts on “In which of my ears does it ring?

    1. Hahaha, yeah Elvis was kinda in the back of the whole parade, nobody likes Elvis 😦
      Bob is still leading, but I will provide the name suggested in “Other” Some of them are hilarious 😀

      1. Hahaha, yes I am… I have it under Others 😛
        I will list the names maybe tomorrow, if not these days. 🙂 So he’ll get a name.

    1. Yeah sure… You know when you have a short time ringing or buzzing in one of your ears happening? It starts with no reason and goes in about few seconds… Well in that time, we ask people around us to guess in which is it… Left, or right. The one who gets it is considered the winner and congradulated with “Bravo”, not anything offical lol.. That is it. 🙂
      It has a sense of accomplishment and luck if you guess it.

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