We are family… get up everybody and sing!

We are family... get up everybody and sing!

I chose this lyrics to a Sister Sledge song because I immediately thought of it when I saw new Weekly Photo Challenge. And because in families there are oh so many many times when we don’t even want to think about “getting up and singing”. Life happens, and life isn’t a Julia Roberts movie (although I see some resemblance from time to time), so sometimes it’s really hard to be a family.

I was thinking what could I photograph to represent my family but not expose their faces to everyone, so I had an idea, as you can see. Family for me, is everyone who leaves their shoes as they enter and change into their slippers. 🙂
Find a difference 😉 :


I wish I could add some more shoes here though… *Kisses*
I think that being a family is loving and supporting each other. Related by blood or not.


Disclaimer: the above photo is from HERE.

13 thoughts on “We are family… get up everybody and sing!

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    1. Hahahahah yes, she walked into the shot (she has no manners 😉 ) and I saw the opportunity and said her name quickly few times to get her to look at me. She thought she was doing something wrong 😀

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