10 thoughts on “Heartwarming video for today <3

    1. I say, one who doesn’t love animals, doesn’t love humans… I am sad that the testing on animals is still “necessary”… We had a case here where beagles where kept in small cages and their bones were broken to see how will they heal with something… Then they got discovered and the rage of public fall on them, the beagles were released and placed into loving homes. My question is, how many of this sick labs is still out there?
      Maybe I am a hypocrite but it is not the same to me to test something on cockroach or rats (although I feel bad about the rats and mices) and dogs or apes!

      1. I hear your pain for these animals & can easily relate, life sometimes has an ugly side to it which usually is created by mankind, how do I wish it wasn’t so!
        Some decide to dedicate their lives in order to make a difference others try to make one by example & more bury their heads in the sand…

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