Perseids Meteor Shower *make a wish…*

Perseids Meteor Shower *make a wish...*

Hello! What’s up? I’ve been painting indoor walls for the past three days and I’m knocked down. Tired…. But! I did find time to go watching my favorite meteor shower of the year – Perseids! 😀 As you will soon find out I am a freak for every kind of nature thing, or change of weather, or anything really. I am fascinated by shooting stars (which are Perseids, kinda 🙂 ), stars in general, moon, sky, sun, sunsets, clouds… Sea… Trees… Yap. Anything. Something more, something less. The good thing is that I have awesome Canon camera to take thousands of pictures. 😀 Prepare yourself for a lot of photos on this blog, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉 And I think I’m actually good at it, so I have my camera and my confidence, awesome combo.

If you want to know what exactly Perseids are – click, click. You can see them every year in the middle of August. This year they are visible until August 24, but this past weekend was the best view. Also, they are visible only on Northern hemisphere.


Aaaaany way, people living in city know how frustrating is trying to focus on the stars, the city lights are to bright and create light area over the sky known as light pollution. So I have to find some kind of dark spot every year, which is not as easy as it sounds because every dark area is covered by street light, and if you go to parks or woods the trees are blocking the view. I was so lucky to absolutely accidentally find awesome place – like a hill with woods around. The view was breath-taking, I brought blanket with me, lay down on grass and just relax. 🙂


I have to brag, I saw 10 (in letters TEN) shooting stars, of which four were magnificent. Past years I was lucky if I saw one or two of them. I’m definitely coming back on that hill next year.

View from above:


What are you waiting for, grab a blankie and your significant other and go watch some Perseids. 😉

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images in this post, I found them through Google search and kept their names.

7 thoughts on “Perseids Meteor Shower *make a wish…*

    1. Thanks! It really is something 🙂 It makes me feel small and happy in an instant 😀
      Where do you live, in USA? I live in city too, probably not as big as yours, but I go to more rural places to have a better look. 🙂
      This year we are going to actually search on the internet for areas with low light pollution because the moon will be full and it will be harder to see the Meteor Shower…

      1. I live in Tampa, FL It’s on the west coast of Florida and borders the Gulf of Mexico =) When we road tripped a few weeks ago, we were in the middle of the state among nada and saw a clearer sky. I would love to see a meteor shower! Please post pics when you see it!! =)

      2. I bet it’s lovely there… 🙂 My bf lives in more rural area, I’m in suburban so when I come to his place I am like some kind of animal looking up and turning around XD

        I didn’t even know how many stars you can see up until I was 17, I was on vacation on an island that has no street lights at night… I saw the Milky Way…. That is not possible to put into words…

        I will try… Meteors usually come in few minutes period and happen all over the sky, seeing them is a lottery, I don’t think I can take a photo. They flash in a millisecond… I think I could be able to get it on camera if I had a lot of memory and just place it to record toward the sky with fish-eye lens…

      3. Hehehe 😀
        I will probably write about it… Or incorporate somehow… I think I already have an idea… Hmmmmmm
        I’m molding two ideas in one. We’ll see, we’ll see 🙂

        Yes, completely different, I agree.

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