Dress up!


This dress was one of my latest DIYs and most definitely one of my hardest… From the beginning ’till the very end it took me….about…15 hours… Yap. I know… I gave myself a difficult task and I was working with materials terrible for a sewing machine… uh. But the result is here and I must say I’m proud of it, because I really, really wanted to succeed. 😀

It took me forever to make this dress, so I’m not going to write a lot about it, you can see everything in the pictures…

This was my inspiration:

420285_186271928139723_1981615732_n (1)

I had pink top with lace in front for years and I haven’t worn it once. The ends were forming a triangle and it looked more like a corset so I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it… 🙂 But it was ideal for this project. I cut the ugly edge and made it straight. Also, I had pink underskirt from a long skirt I trow away few months ago. With having both, the top and the bottom, I “only” needed to sew. And un-sew. And sew. And un-sew. 😦 The top is partially made from thick lace and the pin in the sewing machine will sometimes not manage to grab it together with underskirt. But I wasn’t frustrated…..YET. 😀

This is how the dress looked after first sewing:


I forgot to mention the skirt. It is made from existing but old one which I wore several years in the summer months because of material which is sooooo light and comfy. Anyway, I had to remove the rubber on top, same as for underskirt and then the torture began…

I think I will never ever sew this kind of materials together. Ever. Just imagine sewing together something like thin polyester fill with million ruffles and thick lace. -.-‘

After five or six more hours I admitted defeat for the night, and went to bed. My hands were so sore that I had to wait few days to sew again. Finally I had to un-sew it again for the gazziliont time, and made just the front with rubber thread. I couldn’t look at it anymore (hahaha), so I gave it to someone else to finish the back. And this is how it came out:


What do you think? Do you like it?

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