Is it ever to late for Christmas photos? I think NOT!

I was busy busy busy in the holidays, as everyone else. And I had a plan to post some things on blog which I managed, but I did not had time to properly sit down and go through my Christmas photos. Especially the decorations I made! I posted about amazing Do It Yourself ideas for the holidays…and I have tried one! 🙂 – The rose from orange/clementine one, of course, hehe.


It ended up being very easy to make so we continued to make them for decoration even after Xmas. And by “we continued making them” I meant that I forced everyone to peel oranges like this. Poor people. 😀


I love how this decoration is visually very appealing with its bright orange color, plus the scent of freshly peeled orange fills the space… I recommend using it while the orange season is still here.

I know you are dying to see how I incorporated peeled oranges into decorations for holidays, so I’ll grant your wish. 😉

4 thoughts on “Is it ever to late for Christmas photos? I think NOT!

  1. This is a little bizarre… but other half made one of these orange roses the other night. Don’t even think he was aware of what he was doing – but there it was – a gorgeous rose after he’d eaten an orange. I was gonna take pics of it, but he’d thrown it out when he got up in the morning. 😦 They’re gorgeous!

    1. Hahahah your comment made me laugh because I didn’t know where were you going with “This is a little bizarre..” 😀

      They really do turn out beautiful, and their smell is refreshing. Now you have a how-to if you want to try it on your own. If you do, please do share photos or something, I would love to see it. 😉

      1. 😀 It won’t be me (I cannot eat oranges), but I will try to remind the other half next time he grabs an orange as a snack. I’ve never seen an orange rose before, and he’s never made one before (we’ve lived together for 14 years, and he generally has a few oranges a week)… and I found it well cool to spot your post about it. 😀

      2. I find it very interesting that you come across it now that he has made it, since I wasn’t planing to post this until tomorow or day after, but I got carried away (It’s 6 am here)

        Yes, definitely tell him. I forced my bf to peel it in no other way for a while hahaha, poor guy… I was “in da zone”

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